Welcome Home

Welcome. Home.

Two words so often said in the real estate business, but now have a more tangible meaning than ever. In the current world of coronavirus and “sheltering in place”, the idea of what makes a home is being challenged. It’s no longer a place we go to relax after work or school before we start the rat race all over again. It’s where the rat race is taking place.

How we live in our homes and what we expect from our space is under pressure now that it’s the center of our lives all the time. It may feel crowded or confining trying to work and learn from home. We are looking for quiet places to focus, all while troubleshooting WIFI problems that you didn’t know you had until everyone had to be online at the SAME TIME!

Kitchens now function as restaurants, often preparing 3 meals a day, complete with loads of dishes and clean up to do.

Our home classroom

Living rooms have become makeshift classrooms with letters, numbers, and artwork tapped to the walls.

Dining room tables have become desks, as we look for a quiet space to focus on focus on work.

Yards have become playgrounds, workout spaces, a safe place to breathe fresh air and get some vitamin D. The appeal of low maintenance, tiny yards starts to fade as we question how much longer we’ll have to stay home.

With no end in sight, families and roommates are learning how to co-exist in ways they didn’t realize they’d have to. Tensions may run high and patience low, but the idea of home and how we live may be impacted well beyond the scars left from the coronavirus.

Making the most of space at home requires some practical, good old fashioned organization. Time to purge the unnecessary clutter. These strange times have provided an opportunity to look around and ask yourself, “do I really need 4 mixers or 47 sets of mismatched Tupperware?”

It may also be a good time to make a list of your new “must-haves” for your next home. Our wants and needs continue to evolve as our lives change. My guess is that some may have a new set of boxes to check for their next home purchase. Call one of our trusted agents when you’re ready. Now’s the time!

Stay safe and be well,