Agent Spotlight: Kirk Psenner

Kirk Psenner’s eye for design and love of eclectic older homes drew him into a career in real estate over 25 years ago. 

“I always loved architecture,” Kirk says. “I love the older homes, whether that be a 20s Spanish style home, or a Mid Century Modern.”

Kirk Psenner in the 90s during his time with Sotheby’s International Realty in Los Angeles

He started as a realtor for Sotheby’s in Los Angeles, representing clients in Los Feliz, Silverlake and Hollywood Hills. The PVR office enjoys hearing about his L.A. days and the famous clients he’s worked with. 

“Here we name drop,” Kirk laughs. “I’ve worked with a lot of people in the entertainment industry.” 

One of Kirk’s Los Angeles listings was Vince Vaughn’s Mediterranean home in Los Feliz Oaks. 

 “At first you’re star struck and then realize they’re just like us. You have super kind, nice people and then you have people that you have to get to focus.”

And that goes for movie stars too. He considers this job to that of a guide or counselor. 

“So much of real estate is based on emotion and sometimes people panic. Realtors have to keep a situation calm. You have to take care of issues so they don’t have the stress.” 

We asked Kirk to share a little more about real estate and what he’s learned over the years…

What’s the best thing about being a Realtor?

 “I find the job fascinating because you’re working with many different personalities — from your client, to the other agent, to the other agent’s clients.”

Kirk thrives on the negotiation aspect of being a realtor. He enjoys working with others to stay focused and ensure a good outcome for all.

“I love setting a goal with my seller, maybe setting a higher price than the market says it should be, and figuring out the process; how do we reach that goal.”

Kirk thoroughly enjoys the juggling act of the transaction process —  from selling a house or working with a buyer, he thinks it’s important to always keep his clients’ interests at the forefront of his mind. If you do that, he believes you’ll reap the rewards.

“You just took someone through the most emotional experiences and you’re appreciated for your efforts.” 

What’s your specialty?

 “Little details that make all the difference.”

Kirk prides himself on ensuring his listings make a great first impression. He doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to this approach. 

 “I don’t believe in lock boxes,” he says. Kirk likes to set the tone when an agent brings a buyer to view his listing. 

“I get there early, turn on the lights, open the curtains. I’m there to present the house and make sure to point out it’s best assets.”

He puts in extra effort to make sure every detail is just right. From having the home professionally cleaned to moving furniture, Kirk wants a client’s home presented in its best possible light.

“It’s all so subtle but so very important.” 

What’s the most unique property you’ve worked with?

“A house I sold in Big Sur, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, for $2 million.”

Owned by a Hollywood producer, the home was architecturally contemporary and featured unique designs, like kitchen counters made out of recycled bowling alley lanes. Situated on 10 acres, it wasn’t always an easy place to show. 

“Every time I had to go up there to show it, I had to drive up the hill, on dirt roads with cliffs and edges. When it was raining your car slid around — it was quite frightening.”

However, the property was worth the scare. 

“When you got there, it was one of the most stunning, picturesque things in the world.”

 Do you have any advice for new realtors?

“One of the best things I learned was to never think about your commission. Always take care of people first, you do a good job, the money follows.”

Kirk has found that his best business comes from previous clients, through word of mouth and referrals.

“Never worry about losing a deal, always do what’s right.”

What’s next?

After several months in the making, the remodeling project for Kirk’s new Morro Bay home is nearly complete

“I always dreamed about moving back to the coast.” 

Kirk’s been an integral part of the PVR team for most of 2019. He’s recently relocated to Morro Bay, where he’s taking his talents to our Central Coast company, Cypress Properties. 

“I purchased a home there. I love this company, so I sat down and talked to (broker/owner) Brian, and he said let’s do it.” 

Kirk is excited to start working in the community he now calls home.

“I’m taking the values of PVR and taking care of people from Los Osos to Cambria.”

If you’re looking to buy or sell on the Central Coast, look no further than Kirk Psenner of Cypress Properties, an extension of Premier Valley Realty.

Kirk Psenner (805) 235-0304