Agent Spotlight: Alexandra Cetti Irion

Alexandra Cetti Irion was born and raised in Fresno in a family of builders. Her grandfather started Hallmark Homes, a local builder in the 70s. In the 90s, Alexandra’s parents built custom homes with their company, Cetti Construction. Her family’s legacy instilled an independent drive in Alexandra, which has become the foundation of her success. 

As one of Premier Valley Realty’s first agents, Alexandra is a loyal and key piece of the PVR team. 

Let’s learn more about Alex…

Why real estate?

“I knew I always wanted to build a business of my own.” 

Alex grew up watching her parents work hard to build their own business. She says they’re responsible for sparking her entrepreneurial spirit.

“They were my mentors. I always saw my parents working for themselves and doing what they loved.”

Alex knew she wanted to do something in the building industry. She liked talking architecture and home building with her family and real estate was always a hobby she enjoyed. She felt a natural pull toward the industry and decided to turn her hobby into a business. 

“If you make your hobby your career, it’s like you’re not working at all.”

Experience as a Realtor…

Alex earned a Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Fresno State. She left the marketing world for real estate four years ago and has worked as a licensed Realtor ever since — always with Premier Valley Realty. 

“When I decided to go into real estate, I knew it was only going to be with Brian,” Alex says, referring to Premier Valley Realty’s founding broker. 

Most rewarding aspect of real estate…

As a self-proclaimed people person, Alex enjoys helping people through the home buying/selling process. Watching their excitement at closing time is especially gratifying. 

“This is most likely the biggest purchase of their life — it’s not something to be taken lightly.”

Alex is looking forward to the day when she can list one of her grandfather’s Hallmark Homes. “I’ve never done that — but I’m waiting to!” A full-circle moment that she would hold dear.

The Cetti family during a home demo

 What’s her specialty?

Alex’s family background has made her well-versed in new construction but she’s gained an affection for the charm and character of older homes.

 “I’m a good mix of loving both new and older homes.”

 Alex specializes in recognizing potential in older homes and thinking through possible improvements, a skill she credits to her father. 

 “I’m always learning from him,” Alex beams. “Anytime I go into a house, I hear his voice. ” 


What do you like most about the Fresno area?

“I’m proud to say I was born and raised in Fresno, I think it offers a lot.” 

She’s lived in LA and San Francisco but appreciates the tight-knit community Fresno provides. 

Alex is proud of the Cetti name, which is widely respected in the Central Valley building industry, and what her family has built here. She appreciates that the Fresno community has been good to her family.

 What’s something that people would be surprised to learn about you?

“I’ve been on construction sites my whole life. I’m not afraid to get down and dirty,” Alex says with a laugh.

She enjoys a home makeover and putting in a hard day’s work. Don’t let her petite frame fool you — give her a sledgehammer and she’s a happy camper! 

Alex is delighted at the idea of rehabbing older homes. So when asked if this was something she would like to pursue in the future, she didn’t skip a beat:

“I would 1,000% love to do that,” Alex enthused.