Agent Spotlight: Todd Cregar

Todd Cregar joined the Premier Valley Realty team in 2016 after retiring from law enforcement in 2010. When he’s not making real estate deals, Todd spends his free time as a community leader at Chukchansi Park. As acting Vice Chairman of the Fresno Grizzlies Advisory Board, he hosts stadium tours, assists players and their families with local accommodations and works to build a positive perception of Fresno.

Todd enjoys going the extra mile for his clients. He ensures that he is available day or night and prides himself on providing excellent customer service.

Here’s a little more about our agent, Todd…

Experience in real estate… 

Todd has spent the last 28 years building, investing and developing real estate as a licensed contractor. He began by seeking out properties to rehab on Fresno’s west side. “It was an untapped area. People were scared to invest in that part of town, but I knew what to expect, and the price was right,” Todd says.

Todd’s been a licensed realtor for nine years and believes his previous career in law enforcement has made him comfortable in every corner of Fresno.

Why real estate?

“Maybe it’s growing up poor, but I love doing things that people tell me can’t be done. I like the chase and challenge of a deal. Tell me I can’t and watch me work that much harder.”

When his original plans to become an architect didn’t pan out, he used his military experience to make a career in law enforcement. Todd finds similarities in his real estate career from his time as a peace officer.

“It’s like my career in law enforcement – chasing and catching a felon is like chasing and closing a deal.”

What is Todd’s real estate specialty?

“Finding value in properties that other people don’t.” Todd enjoys taking neglected properties and making them desirable. He also has a knack for steadily researching: knowing accurate comps in any given area and finding off-market properties. This commitment to research allows him to snatch a good deal the minute it hits the market.

Most memorable property he’s worked with…

“We took an original, pre-World War II cracker box home on Lafayette St. on the west side, and with some ingenuity, fixed it up.”

Within a couple of months, Todd and his business partners striped the dated home down to the studs, leveled it with bottle jacks, and got running water back onto the property. He ended up buying and renovating two more houses on the same street.

Advice for new realtors?

“Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.” Todd believes in staying true to your own special talents and experience.