2018 Trends

2018 is here and so are the new hottest interior design trends! First off, when it comes to home décor you should stick with what you love no matter what the pros say. But if you feel like your décor is looking a little tired and in need of a refresh here are some of the new, hot design trends for 2018.

Bold colors. As much as an all-white interior looks clean and chic, bold, jewel tones provide a richness that a minimalistic style is missing.

Style Tip: Wanting to go all in on this trend? Other than jewel tone accessories or furniture pieces, try painting your trim black. By outlining the room or windows in a dark trim helps bring attention to unique room features.

Quartz. Move over granite, there’s a new stone taking over. Quartz products offer a more appealing ease of living that everyone craves. The fact that it’s easy to clean paired with its’ modern looking surfaces beats out the everyday granite and stain-prone marble.

Natural materials. In today’s strong efforts to push towards eco-consciousness, items that are made of sustainable materials have a more natural look/feel to them. People care more about production, the history and the story of their furniture than ever before. While the sustainability element is a plus when it comes to natural products, it needs to be visually appealing as well.

Style Tip: Think of a more modern, edgy version of lacey hammocks and wicker furniture.

Black Fixtures. Dark fixtures are the new hot hardware for your home. Two reasons: 1. They are easy to clean (especially in matte finishes) 2. They are cool. As easy as that.

BONUS: No visible water spots!

Larger Tiles. While white subway tiles have been the ‘it’ tile for awhile now, there is a shift towards larger tiles- which turns out to be not only visually pleasing but functional, too.

BONUS: Less grout to clean, not to mention easier to install!