Get Your Hygge On

Ever heard of the term Hygge? You may not be familiar with the term but you’ve definitely been privy to the concept. For instance, have you ever had a relaxing night at home sitting by the fire, sipping on your favorite warm beverage, having great conversation with your loved ones? That’s Hygge. Have you ever woken up on a chilly, Saturday morning, made your way to the living room, wrapped yourself in a blanket and read a good book? That’s Hygge. Have you ever sat around your kitchen table with great friends conversing over delicious food and wine? You get the point? That’s Hygge.

So, I’m sure you’ve experienced this concept in one way of another. This is the Danish way of life that celebrates being at home with warmth, coziness, great meals and good times with friends that is making it’s way to popularity in the States. If you ask me, we all need to take more lessons from the Dutch. We need to take note and remember not to sweat the small stuff. To savor moments, and to appreciate what life brings you. It has contributed to Denmark’s nation of high happiness ratings so why couldn’t it work for us, here in America? Maybe by adopting this perspective on life we could live less stressful lives and boost our happiness level a few notches.

While this lifestyle sounds like it is only during winter months, with being wrapped in cozy blankets by the fireplace, the Dutch assure it can be carried all throughout the year. So even though our winters are pretty mild here in sunny California, go ahead and adapt to the concept of living a Hygge lifestyle. Make your home your happy place and enjoy the moment!

Now, after reading this I bet you are wondering how to pronounce this term. It’s actually pronounced “HOO-GAH”. I know, never would have guessed that one. But no matter how you want to say it- grab a soft blanket, a warm up of cocoa, look around and appreciate all that your home as to offer and get your hygge on!